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As of Jan 01, 2019 all products will be drop-shipped, eliminating backorders and the need for warehousing stock.  Your support provided over much of the past 40 years, and your patience over the last 5 years is greatly appreciated.  Scores of USA public libraries have relied upon us to provide their label needs. 

Orders placed on website will need to meet the manufacturer’s minimum order quantities (usually 18 to 32 rolls/ item, 24 for hub labels.) for drop-ship at or below prevailing market prices.

We look forward to continuing to serve your needs in 2019 and the coming years.

Please use our search box at the bottom of any page. Search 

Input a clue & click GO!  Try ILL, “Summ”, new, DAY CARE, compact, etc.  Then click on the link below the label you found.  That will show the page to learn more and provide the opportunity to input the quantity desired.

Search for unique products, such as, ILL labels that keep loaned items from getting lost for a year or two, Summer Reading labels that greatly reduce the removal costs,  SDH labels for music, labels with an adhesive that removes cleanly & easily with a plastic peeler. 

Your continued business and patience are appreciated. Thank you.

Thanks, Jim Welch


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e-mail contact  is  faster and more efficient.

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