Tutorial - How to make the most of your eshop.

Welcome to our eshop. Please use this tutorial. It is easy and smart to make the most of your e-shop. Please 'bookmark' www.AffordableAlternativesInc.com as a 'favorite' to facilitate many happy returns. Granted, our URL is too long, but when you make it a 'favorite' and save it to your desktop, it is only a click or two away.

For our first 15-20 years, librarians would use a search engine to locate a solution to a library problem. That would provide them with a list of the results. Most of the time, we were listed in the top five choices. Refine your search and we might be the only result. You may be as frustrated, as I, with the direction most search engines have taken recently.

It is all about greed. If you search a unique word or phrase in the description to find one of our exclusive labels, it may fall short of your expectations. See for yourself, just input “Mystery genre label” and click to search. You may find numerous unrelated ads (don’t you consider that “SPAM”?) listed at the top of the array above the actual search results, if any. The results may be shown below in a less compelling font than the ads. None of those ads may lead you to your goal, but after a few ‘wild goose chases’, you may abandon your search without finding your results.

You may find that our search bar is more “user friendly” than others. It is located near the bottom of each and every e-shop page, including this one. Input the word "Romance or roma" and click [GO] to find all of the labels that include the word 'Romance'.

Please search the "results" array for exactly the label you seek. Click on the link below that image to reach the page where you may add this product to your order. That page may have similar items from which you may select your exact label. Input your quantity & click “Add to cart”.

Then you may scroll to the search bar near the bottom of that page and input the clue for the next label "Contents", because you are looking for a label that will help you maintain the integrity and value of the library’s multi-part assets.

That search will offer you about ten choices of our LOOK FOR labels, click on a link and go to the page containing all of these labels. Peruse the array to compare it to the list of known multi-part assets you have identified. Select the label that best suits your processing labels needs and input the quantity. Then click ADD to CART and see it accept your order.

Please become familiar with our eshop. When you start to order or reorder any product, please compare it to our offering on the eshop. Don't expect the products to be the same, read the details and descriptions to determine the better value. When I can, I will always provide the best MADE IN USA product at the best value. So you may have to determine the best value for your library.

You may also use this eshop to provide a quote for a new product. Most of the time it is as easy as placing the order online. Sometimes, you may doubt that you have provided all of the data needed to claculate. When that happens, copy the quote calculated & email it to me. If you prefer you may submit it on the eshop. Just input "This is an RFQ, it is NOT an order, YET! Please confirm price, pack, quantity, etc."

The last but not the least important task it can do for you is to help you plan your annual budget. In the past you may have called vendors to get estimates for the items that you expect to order. Now you may enter those items & estimated quantities to calculate the total cost with S&H. Print it and attach it to your annual budget request.

Note: The freight will be most accurate if you place the order in its entirity, but may run a little more, if the order is placed for partial shipments throughout the year.