About Us

Welcome to the newly updated & simplified e-shop for Affordable Alternatives, Inc. We are the same friendly family providing sole-source, patron-pleasing problem-solving products & supplies that have served many of you for over 30 years.

Credit cards are neither required, nor accepted. We do participate in EFT payments from forward-thinking organizations. We also welcome orders from all libraries, school libraries, government agencies, established manufacturers, retailers, & other businesses. We will take your purchase order numbers &/or EFT.

Please complete your order on-line.

If you need to secure a PO# after creating your order, please copy (Control C) the order page (Control V) to an e-mail or print the order, attach it to your requisition marked "As per attached" & send to the person that assigns PO#s.

When you get the PO# please input it in the PO# slot, add any terse instructions such as "Invoice in Duplicate" "No back-orders",Ship as ready, or ship complete, only., etc. in the comments box.

Then & only then should you submit your order to us. You may print your receipt page. You will get an emailed order acknowledgment, shortly to compare to the want list from which you were working. If you feel that you must send a paper copy of the PO, you may fax it or mail it marked Confirmation of on-line order, do not duplicate. But you will still need to SUBMIT the order on-line

If you are an individual, you may order from us. We do, however ask that you send a check or money order with your order. We do not accept any credit cards. Please complete your order on-line. If you feel that your on-line order needs clarification, there are text boxes on the order form. You may send an email after you submit your order. You may attach a PDF (gif, jpg, Tif) file, if needed.

If you see products similar to, but not exactly, what you are seeking, please email or call with information about your needs & we will try to help. Every item on our E-shop is a result of a customer calling to discuss a problem and help develop a solution for it.