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Dear treasured customer:

As most of you know, over the last few years I have been dealing with some medical issues which has limited my time in the office each day. Working less, after years of good health, has resulted in a few business decisions that will impact our delivery methods for 2019.

  My motto: “The difficult we accomplish in stride, while the impossible may take up to 60 days” must be slightly modified, my commitment to personal customer service will not.  

As of Jan 01, 2019 all products will be now be drop-shipped.

Scores of USA public libraries have relied upon us to provide their label needs.  In the course of doing business, we have amassed a stock several hundred rolls of unique custom labels for many of them.  These need to be cleared, so we may vacate our warehouse by December 31, 2018.  All stock must be shipped by the end of the year (this  time period does involve the added holiday shipping).  

 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST please take advantage of 2018 pricing and terms. 

You will still be provided the same quality products and custom labels as always; however, orders placed after 2018 will need to meet the manufacturer’s minimum order quantities (usually 18 to 32 rolls/ item) for drop-shipping & be based on prevailing market prices.

You will find your inventory data, and a suggested order to get these items to you on our website.  You are under no obligation to buy; however,  I would recommend that you accept all that you can.  If you have closed a branch, or no longer have a need for specific labels, please strike them from your order. You are not asked to order anything that is of no value to you.  You may note that we have found, yet another use for the e-shop to collect and transmit these inventory figures to you.

We were known for shipping 90% of your orders within 4 hours of submission. Our new timeframe will be shipping 80% of all popular custom label orders within 48 hours when available.  Sometimes an ownership label may take up to 60 day lead time, so please keep them on a separate order.

Dozens of customers have asked us to let them know when we call it a day, so that they might order enough to last them until they retire.  If you are in that group, please place that last order ASAP, because you might not be able to meet the new minimums.

Your support provided over much of the past 40 years, and your patience over the last 5 years is greatly appreciated.  We look forward to continuing to serve your needs in 2019 and the coming years,

Jim Welch


Would you consider applying simple solutions to common library problems? The products we are offer were created to suit the top support persons in the USA. They have been tested and enjoyed by hundreds of libraries over the past 25 years.  

Click on our URL at the top of any page to return to the home page. You may click on any one of the general categories above to learn more ABOUT US, or how to CONTACT US, or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or to print a PDF file, or to go to your CART, or see the TUTORIAL. You may see how to load your Total Library Labeler with an ink roller or roll of labels.

Each of the icons on your left comprise the Main Menu. They are major groups of items. Click one to go to the Sub-Menu for that area. There you will find more icons related to that product group, or second level Product Menu. Click on the closest icon or text to what your are seeking until you find the item. Most of you will use the search box at the bottom of each page. It works the way that search engines worked 20 years ago. Input your clue in the box and search. 

Then select the page from the search results, before you order, to see all of the labels that you are seeking or close to it. This e-shop is designed for users to input and submit, after you  have completed ordering an item, please input the next one in the Search Box & click GO! 

If your order needs to go to a 3rd party for approval, or a PO#, please copy and paste the Cart page in an e-mail and send it to that party. Upon approval and/or assignment of a PO#, please return to your cart and continue. Your order is saved for you for up to 21 days, to complete the information page. Then click SUBMIT to place your order online.   

 Need more fast help finding an item to order or reorder? Please locate the search box at the bottom of each page. Use like an intuitive search engine. Input ILL, or Horr, or new arriv, Hist Fic, Roma Sus,  etc and click the GO! button.

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