Loading Instructions

Step 1 Most problems are corrected with proper loading. Please follow each of these steps carefully for best results. This is an extremely easy labeler to load & use.
Step 2 Always turn the roll where the labels face up or front & the labeler will work with them. Note the roll in the labeler & on the left are rolled in. The rest of instructions will be with labels rolled out.
Step 3 Please familarize yourself with the terms & orientation of the labeler. It is easy to load & use. Once loading is mastered, you will never want to be without your labeler again.
Step 4 Insert the beginning of the label roll (with no labels left on the back of the liner) through the 1" x 5/8" label path in the bottom of the storage compartment.
Step 5 With the labels always facing forward, the labeler is now ready to have the cover & the bottom hatch (Drive) door shut.
Step 6 Hold the tip of the label roll on the front roller with an index finger while you close both compartment doors. Be sure the are snapped shut & that you have two labels left on liner to grip.
Step 7 Grasp the two labels & liner with your thumb & index finger and pull to the rear (3" past silver roller)while holding the liner against the closed bottom drive door. Catch expelled labels with your free thumb.
Step 8 Make a loop that allows you to insert the liner at a 90 degree angle to the drive door (perpendicular). Insert the liner & two label lead just behind the silver roller & push down while you click the handle trigger to engage the feed slots in the liner.
Step 9 This step requires practice. As you put pressure on the loop & click the trigger handle, the drive wheel turns seeking the feed slots. Once engaged, the wheel will pull the liner taut & force the tip of the liner out of the back of the labeler.
Step 10 Twist the knob to locate the black #s on the white background of the left printband. Pull the knob out to adjust the next band. White maks on the slide pinpoint the band selected. Continue this process until your desired message appears in the window.