Custom CD/DVD ownership labels

Our goal is to make ordering custom labels as easy as ordering our stock labels on the e-shop.

<--- Click on the white & black label to see, order, or reorder all styles of white & black labels.

All of the 125CD/DVD labels are 1.25" in diameter (O.D.) with .75" hole diameter(I.D.).

<--- Click on the white & red image to see examples of white labels with colors other than black pre-print. You may also order or reorder at the image with your color text. For re-orders input (as before) after text.

There are 500 labels/roll. There are 48 rolls/case.

<--- Click on the two color image to see & order all two color custom CD/DVD labels.

Be sure to input the required text in the box provided on the cart & input (reorder) or (new instructions) for your initial order.

You may order is any of these design categories: Glorious white with black pre-print, white with any other stock color print, or any stock color label with any color stock pre-print ink print.
125CDWBk-1M-Bstn.jpg Custom hub labels 125CDDVD white with black text (24M/case) standard pack.
Quantity   1      2 - 4     5+  
Price $526.80 $499.50 $459.95
Min. & Mult. 1 case. drop-shipped with FREE FREIGHT!

P1FPBk_Wii_U_ntr_6.jpg Plate fee for initial order or new design 1 plate/color printed.
Please order one plate fee for each color ink desired or reverse print label white letters on dark label.
Quantity   1 - 19     20+  
Price $75.00 $50.00
1 fee for each color printed on the label.

PVPL125WPu4208AZ_2.jpg New DVD ownership withup to 9 item barcode & more hub label white & black 1000/roll
Quantity   2 - 3     4 - 11     12+  
Price $59.95 $35.95 $29.95
Min. initial order 2M. Price/M.

Please enter the Library name as you wish it in all uppercase letters. Please input the first five digits of your item barcode number. The first digit is how most circ systems tell an item from a patron. The next four digits are constant for all library items.Quantity
PVPL125WPu4208AZ_2.jpg 125CDDVD white labels, choice of text colors 24M/ cs lots on eshop only
Format Ink color
125YR-D-WindPI05-1.jpg Custom hub labels 125DCDVD any color w/any color text (24M/cs) standard pack.
Quantity   1      2 - 4     5+  
Price $648.50 $599.50 $499.95
Min. & Mult. 1 case. drop-shipped with FREE FREIGHT!

125CDWBk-1M-Bstn.jpg Custom hub labels 125DCDVD White w/color text (ex black) (24M/cs) standard pack.
Quantity   1      2 - 4     5+  
Price $549.80 $529.50 $499.95
Min. & Mult. 1 case. drop-shipped with FREE FREIGHT!

Custom hub labels 125DCDVD white/black by the roll.
Quantity   3 - 5     6 - 11     12+  
Price $35.95 $29.95 $25.95
Min. (& Mult.) 3M on les than standard pack of 1 case.