Date Due Labels, etc.

You will find a DATE DUE label system for your library on this site. We have a very special adhesive for date due labels. It stays on 'full-term', yet removes easily & cleanly from polyester covers or jackets with just a fingernail or a plastic peeler. We call it 'super-no-res' adhesive. If you are pleased with your current labeler, just email the brand name & model number of the labeler. You will receive a sample roll of our 'super-no-res' adhesive DATE DUE labels to fit your labeler.
2020wr-ddp02 DATE DUE panel/label (dummy) roll(s) White/red 735/roll.
White/Red 2" x 2" Psuedo-RF panel For marking items to circulate that do not merit a live sensor label 735 per roll. Most other vendors price by the 252 count roll, a few price by the 500 count rolll
Quantity   1 - 19     20 - 39     40+  
Price $49.95 $44.95 $39.95
735 panels /roll, Others offer a 252 ct roll.

DDPcr2S.jpg DATE PANELS (roll of 500) clear & red print
<---> Click to enlarge. Use on Buckram bindings 'fuzzy' childrens' books & polypropolene jackets. Then the 'super-no-res' adhesive DATE DUE labels will work on these items as well as the other 98% of your collection. 2" square clear label with red print "DATE DUE", 500 labels per roll.
Quantity   1 - 3     4 - 11     12 - 23     24+  
Price $29.95 $24.95 $23.95 $22.95

Free DATE DUE labels (limit 1 roll) for your library's current date due labeler. Removes easily & cleanly with just a plastic peeler.
Quantity   1      2+  
Price $0.00 $10.00
Order 1 roll to get it free. To buy a few more rolls for $10 each order the quantity you want as a separate line item.