Ketec EAS Item Security Systems

KetecClasssic1x2.jpg Ketec Classic EAS Systems
Classic EAS
The Classic is the most rugged of all systems & is usually placed in most schools, libraries, & retail stores. While the other systems cost more than the Classic, none can out-preform it. Please choose from almond, grey, or black monitors.
<---> Click on the Classic icon to see what a Ketec EAS System will do.
ChallengerSys1x3.jpg Ketec Challenger EAS Systems
The Challenger is polished chrome & may gain a few style points over the Classic for a little more money. It is comparable to all other Ketec systems on preformance.
<--> Click on the Challenger icon to view a diagram of an installation of a single aisle & a dual aisle system.
CommanderSys1x3.jpg Ketec Commander EAS Systems
Do you prefer "wood?" Then this one may be for you. It appears to be two wooden panels.
<---> Click on the Commander icon to see what a Ketec EAS System won't do.
EliteSys1x2.jpg Ketec Elite EAS Systems

This clear Acrylic EAS system is the most handsome in its class. If appearance is important and cost is not a major concern, this may be the system for you.
<---> Click on system icon to see a larger picture of the Elite System.
Detacher15.jpg Ketec EAS Chrome detacher
This chrome detacher is best secured behind your POS area. Unlike those detachers that you have seen at mass merchandisers, this one requires no force. Simply put the dome of the tag in the well of the detacher, push down easily to unlock the tag, and pull out the pin & garment. Then remove the pin from the garment. Drop the pin in a Folger's Coffee can for safe keeping. Do not replace them in the tag until you are protecting another garment.
Tag82MHz1x6.jpg Ketec EAS 8.2 MHz Hard Tags
EAS Tag-8.2MHz
This full size tag provides maximum pick-rate in your system. Tag only the items that you do not want stolen. Tag all parts of swim suits & separates. Tag both boots, your cost is the same whether one boot or a pair is stolen.
Fash01F3x2.jpg Flat laminated EAS 8.2MHz tag
These flat laminated used Fashion tags are perfect for inserting in wallets, handbags, briefcases, leather appointment books, etc. Simply insert in a pocket of the item to protect it. Thieves who palm these items are in for a shock when they exit.
When purchased, simply remove the laminated tag & drop in your tag box. An entire chain of luggage stores was protected by a tag like this. They are not de-activated by any other device, so you may use them over & over again.
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hardtags_46_mini_lg.jpg Ketec EAS 8.2 MHz Mini Tags
Mini 8.2MHz tag
These black mini-tags are designed for retail operations where the exit monitors are set at 3' between uprights.