Labelers, hand-held

You will find the solution to your hand-held labeling tasks here. You may e-mail any specifics of your needs & we will help you find the best solution. If needed, we will design a labeler to fit your unique specifications from 4 to 33 variable characters. You will gain accuracy, speed, & legibility over previous methods. This is the way to tackle problems of quality control batch marking, due date, expire date, or freshness labeling. This is an ideal way for retailers or wholesalers to imprint manufacturers reorder numbers (& alpha characters) and / or pricing. Logistics companies color code & mark location, invoice or P.O. numbers on each package.
Labelers/XL-Pro-18B7153B15.jpg TXM22-8(L) Total Library Labeler assists with 20+ common library tasks
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Price $129.95 $119.95

XLP25DAR-cut.jpg 10 band 1 line labeler to imprint reading levels & points on 2516 labels.
"A-Z" band on left may indicate the list of origin. Mark level yr.mon (10.6) & points (15.0) on 2516 5/8" tall by 1" wide labels. "A10.6_15.0" for example.

XLPro25EEA.jpg XLPro25-EEA
<--> Click to see read/print guide. This two line labeler uses the popular 2516 size (1" x 5/8") labels. The top row has ten full alpha/numeric bands each of which can print A-Z or 0-9 plus dash & dot in every position. The bottom row prints ten numbers, plus cents, Dollar, dash, slash, & dot. Libraries can imprint a branch name or code or day of the week on the top of the label. You may imprint LEVEL PTS in the top row & up to ten nuumbers below to work with your reading program.

XLPro-26EEAA03s2in.jpg XLPro25-EEAA full 20 A/N chars. labeler 2516 labels
<--> Click to see A/N read/print guide. This labeler has 2 lines of 10 characters each, all alpha/ numeric. You may imprint any character A-Z, or number 0-9, or dot, or dash in any of the 20 print positions on the labeler. Great for highly variable data. This will help most users with Q.C., Product I.D., Freshness, batch, etc. This labeler does not have a $ or cents mark, so it may not be suitable for retail applications.

XLPro25EE.jpg TXM25-10EA10EA or XLPro25EEAA labeler for 2516 size 1" x 5/8" label.
20 character hand-held labeling tools. Full alpha - numeric (A-Z or 0-9) in each of the twenty bands on each labeler.

XLPro26EA-1.jpg TXM25-10-(EA) 10 band A/N Labeler
This full alpha/numeric ('A-Z' & '0-9') in each position labeler will represent the date, or other data in many ways: '25JUNE2008' or 'JUNE_23_09' or '02-18-2009'. This is the perfect labeler for any language DATE DUE label or NEW label or FOREIGN, if you wish to spell SPANISH as ESPANOL.
It is ideal for sku numbers & letters when they may be places randomly on the label up to ten digits may be input. If you need more than ten A/N digits order the TXM 26EEAA for two rows of 10 digits each.

PB106a15.jpg Labeler Sato PB106 (1 line 6 digits) for NEW n31
<--Click for larger picture.
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with your purchase of at least 5 rolls of n31 new labels.

Repair single line labelers, XLPro & TXM brands..
XLPro26E-2-2in.jpg XLPro26-E 10 number labeler for 2512 labels.
<--> Click to enlarge. These 10 digit single line labelers represent date as "12-19-__05" or "10/30/2009" on NEW & DATE DUE or freshness labels. Loading instructions in header of each page.

XLP25DAR-cutBig.jpg TXM25-5-5 bog & bold # labeler.
This labeler is designed to imprint bold numbers up to "99999" on the P2516-labels. This makes it easier to read, and pisk. You may use any of several colors form our stock to aid in rotation and quality control endeavors. Five year warranty.

PB3-312Sz1inAdj.jpg Sato PB312 Labeler (USED)
Sato PB312-U
<--> Click to enlarge. This labeler is used to imprint the Sato-PB312 labels. This labeler imprints, dispenses, & affixes labels, on demand, to the products. These are set to label date due panel of items to be circulated. This label is not sold in the USA, neither are the labels.

They come with one set of 8 jumbo characters, two of which are month bands & the remaining characters are numbers. You may obtain other heads customized to your specs or from stock through your sato distributor (except in USA). They are easily installed at your site. Verify that your sato Distributor will provide the supplies for this labeler.

6Big_Bold37-6-2.jpg Contact 37-6 big bold digit labeler (new)
G37-6 New
This big bold labeler is easy to use & load. If you need to imprint 6 or fewer digits in a size to be legible from a few feet away, consider this option. Logistics companies find it useful for product numbers & they change colors to denote store locations. Drivers pack vehicles full & unload one color label per stop. Works even with tires. Use with 3719 size label. It makes bold numbers from 000001 & up to 999999. For a promo labeler up to $999.99 on the P3719YR-Sal label or other stock labels.

The TXM25-5SP has 5 large number bands that imprint on a 1" x 5/8" label (2516 size). You may use any of the several colors of labels offered. Changing colors might mean something to your business, perhaps a different color for each month, or year of arrival. to assuue proper rotation.
Promo33Applicator.jpg Promo Touch 33(TM) Applicator for PR01A, PR01B, PR01C, PR02DP102, P101, PD01, & PD02 labels only.
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Price $49.95 $45.95 $41.95

6Big_Bold37-6-2.jpg Applicator for 37mm labels-Affalt-G37 (refurbished) when available.
Easy to use* & load (drop in). It will allow you to dispense and affix labels about ten times faster than manual methods. *the action is scissor grip and is activated by squeezing the handle. This tool is not only RMI deterring, but also corrective. RMI doctors frequently order physical therapy of squeezing a tennis ball a few dozens of times each day with each hand. This 20 oz. applicator requires the same action as the therapy prescription.