XLPro26-EA labeler 2512 labels

These XLPro26-EA labelers have ten alpha/numeric characters to symbols to imprint "15June2006". It is a bit more difficult to dial the imprint, since it is not "WYSIWYG". There is a legend for you to use as a guide. Please remember that for Date Due, freshness, expire date, etc. you only change it once each day. It imprints 2512 size 1" x 1/2" labels. If you place your labels directly on polyester, you should use the snr2512 labels. The 'super-no-res' adhesive stays on most surfaces 'full-term', yet removes easily & cleanly (even from polyester surfaces) with just a fingernail or plastic peeler (PLS-1).
Date Due snr2512WB white & blue label 8 rls/10M
This image was made with the XLPro26E ten number labeler. super-no-res' adhesive stays on polyester full-term, yet removes from all library surfaces cleanly & easily with a plastic peeler (PLS-1) or fingernail. Price/sleeve of 8 rolls of 1/2" x 1" 1250 count labels = 10,000 w/1 inker. 20 sleeves per case of labels. Please specify ink rollers for your labeler.
Use in Contact 25-8 (or 9) or
XLPro-26E (or EA)
Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 9     10 - 19     20+  
Price $39.99 $27.99 $25.99 $23.99
Price per sleeve of 8 rolls/10M labels.

XLPro26EA-1.jpg TXM25-10-(EA) 10 band A/N Labeler
This full alpha/numeric ('A-Z' & '0-9') in each position labeler will represent the date, or other data in many ways: '25JUNE2008' or 'JUNE_23_09' or '02-18-2009'. This is the perfect labeler for any language DATE DUE label or NEW label or FOREIGN, if you wish to spell SPANISH as ESPANOL.
It is ideal for sku numbers & letters when they may be places randomly on the label up to ten digits may be input. If you need more than ten A/N digits order the TXM 26EEAA for two rows of 10 digits each.

IR-XLP.jpg TXM & XLPro Ink Roller (Inker) for all TXM & XLPro 1 & 2 line labelers.
<--> Click on image to see more.

Date Due R2512 white & red Label Roll(s) 8 rolls/slv.
Labels for Contact 25-8(or 9) or XLPro26E (or EA). This removable adhesive is best for use on CHECKcards(TM) for use with RF Item security systems in libraries using cards & pockets. Or in libraries where they choose to pile labels in mounds, rather than remove them upon return. Price per 8 pack sleeve of 1200 labels per roll = 9600 labels per sleeve. Ink roller is included, please indicate ink rollers for your specific labeler.
Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10 - 19     20+  
Price $10.95 $10.49 $10.29 $9.95
Priced by the 8 roll sleeve.

Date Due R2512 ylw & green label rolls. 8/slv
You may use in Contact 25-8 or 9 & XLPro26E or EA (Alpha/numeric model). This removable adhesive is for use on CHECKcards(TM) with RF Item security systems in libraries using cards & pockets. Or in libraries where they choose to pile labels in mounds, rather than remove them upon return. Price per sleeve. Please indicate type ink rollers needed.
Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10 - 19     20+  
Price $11.95 $11.49 $11.49 $10.95
Priced by the 8 pack slvs,indicate ink roller type.

snr2512WB-n22.jpg NEW label roll(s) snr2512(n22) 1"x1/2" white & blue
Imprint date with XLPro26E, (or EA) or Contact 25-8 (or 9). If you own Contact MO 25-8 or 25-9 labeler(s), this may be the New label for you. The 'super-no-res' adhesive white/Blue label stays on polyester full-term, yet removes easily & cleanly with just a plastic peeler (PLS-1) or fingernail. This label is fine for spines. It may be imprinted, applied, & affixed with your choice of XLPro 26E, (or EA), or Contact MO25-8 (or 9), or XL25-10. These 1/2" tall x 1" wide labels have 1200 labels per roll.
Quantity   1 - 5     6 - 23     24+  
Price $9.95 $9.50 $8.95

FOREIGN LANGUAGE label roll(s)
Quantity   1 - 8     9 - 17     18+  
Price $9.95 $9.50 $8.95
Labels do not combine for price breaks

IR-Contact.jpg Ink Roller Contact
Fits all Contact labelers: 18-6, 22-n, 25-n, 22-nn, & 25-nn

2512FR.jpg nnr2512FR 'near-no-res' adhesive, plain fl red label, 1"x1/2" by the roll.
Quantity   1 - 7     8 - 23     24+  
Price $19.99 $15.99 $12.99

Labeler used
XLPro26E-2-2in.jpg XLPro26-E 10 number labeler for 2512 labels.
<--> Click to enlarge. These 10 digit single line labelers represent date as "12-19-__05" or "10/30/2009" on NEW & DATE DUE or freshness labels. Loading instructions in header of each page.

If you desire to continue placing your labels on cards to be placed in pockets or on non-polyester surfaces, you may choose the R2512 labels. The R is for removable, but not from synthetic surfaces, like polyester.