XLPro25-EEA labeler & snr2516 Date Due labels

The labels listed on this page are designed for the XLPro25-EEA labeler or the Contact 25-88 or 25-99 labelers. The labels are interchangeable, but the inkers are not. Please order the inkers for your labeler.
Date Due snr2516WB white & blue Label rolls.
Quantity   1 - 9     10 - 20     21 - 167     168+  
Price $10.00 $9.00 $6.19 $4.99
Price per roll, for qtys. of 21M+, please order in multiples of 21 M.

snr2516YG-DD2.jpg Date Due snr2516YG yellow & green case of 160,000 labels..
You may imprint with XLPro25EE (or EEA or EEAA) or Contact 25-88 (or-99) two line labelers. This 'super-no-res' adhesive removes easily & cleanly from any library asset surface with a plastic peeler (PLS-1). Bright yellow & green DATE DUE labels are easily spotted for a compelling signal to return items promptly. Prices are per case of 20 sleeves of 8 rolls of 1000 labels & one ink roller each for a total of 160,000 labels & 20 ink rollers/case.
Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 7     8+  
Price $639.95 $619.95 $599.95
Priced by the case Min. order 1 case. Please allow 30 working days lead time.

snr2516WR-N24.jpg New snr2516-n24 label roll(s)
Quantity   1 - 7     8 - 31     32+  
Price $9.95 $9.50 $8.95

XLPro25EEA.jpg XLPro25-EEA
<--> Click to see read/print guide. This two line labeler uses the popular 2516 size (1" x 5/8") labels. The top row has ten full alpha/numeric bands each of which can print A-Z or 0-9 plus dash & dot in every position. The bottom row prints ten numbers, plus cents, Dollar, dash, slash, & dot. Libraries can imprint a branch name or code or day of the week on the top of the label. You may imprint LEVEL PTS in the top row & up to ten nuumbers below to work with your reading program.

XLPro25EE.jpg TXM25-10EA10EA or XLPro25EEAA labeler for 2516 size 1" x 5/8" label.
20 character hand-held labeling tools. Full alpha - numeric (A-Z or 0-9) in each of the twenty bands on each labeler.

XLPro-26EEAA03s2in.jpg XLPro25-EEAA full 20 A/N chars. labeler 2516 labels
<--> Click to see A/N read/print guide. This labeler has 2 lines of 10 characters each, all alpha/ numeric. You may imprint any character A-Z, or number 0-9, or dot, or dash in any of the 20 print positions on the labeler. Great for highly variable data. This will help most users with Q.C., Product I.D., Freshness, batch, etc. This labeler does not have a $ or cents mark, so it may not be suitable for retail applications.

MO25-88.jpg Contact Labeler (2 line) Top= 8 A-Z bottom= 8 # bands.
<--> Click image to enlarge. Alpha only bands on top (A-Z) a guide is placed on the printhead for your convenience. Use with 2516 middle print Date Due labels. Please check this page for the XLPro25EEA labeler.

IR-XLP.jpg TXM & XLPro Ink Roller (Inker) for all TXM & XLPro 1 & 2 line labelers.
<--> Click on image to see more.

IR-Contact.jpg Ink Roller Contact
Fits all Contact labelers: 18-6, 22-n, 25-n, 22-nn, & 25-nn

PX2516YBk-Ames.jpg PX2516 Yellow Black-Ames Label roll(s)
1000/roll, general purpose adhesive, 5/8"tall x 1" wide label for marking new jobs. This smaller size may fit items too small for a barcode or that do not have barcodes.
Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 20     21+  
Price $4.95 $3.95 $2.85
Price per roll of 1000 labels.