Date Due Labels for Monarch labelers

We offer 'super-no-res' adhesive labels for Pitney-Bowes/ Monarch/ Paxar/ Avery-Dennison(R) labelers for direct application to all circulating library assets, including polyester book jackets or covers. They will remain full-term, yet remove easily with just a plastic peeler or a fingernail leaving no residue on the synthethic surface.
snr136WR-DD09.jpg DATE DUE snr1136 wh/red label roll pkg
Use in Monarch/Pitney Bowes/Paxar(TM) labeler Model 136 or P-135(sic). The 'super-no-res' adhesive white & red (3/4"x5/8") labels come 1750 per roll & 8 rolls = 14M per pkg. The 'super-no-res' adhesive is recommended for use on polyester book jackets & other synthetic surfaces for full-term adherence, and most importantly, clean & easy removal with a plastic peeler (PLS-1). Price per 14M package. This white red label replaces the white / green label previously offered for this labeler.
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Price $99.95 $89.95 $79.95 $69.95
Price per package of 14,000 labels.

MMS1136.jpg Monarch(R) 2 line Date Due labeler MO136/P135.
This labeler has been modified to imprint & affix DATE DUE labels for libraries. The top row has 8 alpha characters which may represent the branch designation "SOUTH", "FOREST", etc. The bottom row has 8 numbers & slashes to represent the return by date "12/31/16". If you are already committed to this labeler, this is the best way to add labelers to accommodate additional loan terms and/or new branches or work stations. For best results, always eshop this site for your DATE DUE labels with our "super-no-res" adhesive for all library daters. After my small supply of labelers is depleted, you may return to Demco* for more of these labelers.
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Price $199.95 $189.95
Why pay$250? Own this Made in USA labeler for only $139.95 while they are available.

IR-MMS113n.jpg Ink Roller for Monarch(R) labelers
Model#s 1130-1136

Black Ink roller for all Monarch Marking(R) labelers model#s 1130-1136 P136 & CW-M11828001

MX2200b.jpg MX2200 labeler
This Motex MX2200 6 band labeler is the replacement for the discontinued models: MO1110, 1105, 1107. It uses the same labels & ink roller as these models. It will work well as a fill-in to replace non-working labelers. If you are making a major change, please consider moving all the way up to the Total Library Labeler XLPro22D(L).
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Price $49.95 $44.95 $39.95 $35.95

Date Due snrA0001WR white/red Label rolls
These 'super-no-res' adhesive labels stay on full-term, yet remove easily & cleanly from all library media surfaces. These small white/red 'super-no-res' adhesive have 1063 labels/roll & 17M labels/sleeve. Fits MO-1105, 1107, & 1110, & MX2200 labelers.
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Price $39.95 $37.95 $35.95 $29.95

Date Due label roll(s) 'near-no-res' adhesive Fl R/Blk 1110
This fluorescent red & black 'near-no-res' adhesive label may be used in Monarch/Pitney Bowes/Paxar/Avery Dennison(R) Model 1110, 1105, 1107, & Motex MX2200 labelers being used to mark DATE DUE labels.
Quantity   1 - 3     4 - 7     8 - 14     15+  
Price $39.99 $33.83 $31.99 $29.99

IR-MMS111n.jpg Ink roller for Mo#s. 1105, 1107, 1110, L31-80748 Monarch(R) hand-held labelers.
Fits older style one line labelers using our A0001 labels.