XLpro265P Big & Bold # labelers

You may choose from the following XLPro 265P models: -M for date due labelling, -R for retail promo marking, & -H for hyphen for industrial marking.

XLPro265P-M for libraries & date labeling with a month band in the middle position to inprint an image easily read by persons with visual imparaties like this: 23m06, where m is the 3 character month band printed in place of one number.
PX2516FRBk-Esp.jpg ESPECIAL label roll(s) 1"x5/8" for Spanish speaking
1" wide by 5/8" tall in rolls of 1000 labels. Best when used in XLPro265P bold jumbo imprint labelel (or Contact 25-5). Mark special items for Spanish-speaking customers.
Quantity   1 - 20     21+  
Price $7.95 $3.33

Date Due R2516tWR white & red Label rolls
for Bold Print XLPro265P labelers.

White/Red labels for the visually challenged when imprinted with our big bold print XLPro265 promo labeler. You may use this 'removable' adhesive label on CHECKcards(TM)in conjunction with RF Item security or to pile mounds of labels on the items. Price per box of 21M labels when you order 8+ boxes of this size at a time. An IR-XLp ink roller will be included with each box ordered.
Quantity   1 - 7     8+  
Price $76.95 $72.95

SNR2516tWB-DD-bx.jpg Date Due snr2516tWB white/blue label rolls
for bold print labelers.

<---> Click on label image to see labeler for these labels. These labels aid the visually challenged when used with the big bold print XLPro-265P, XL5B, or Contact 25-5. The super-no-res' adhesive stays on full-term yet removes easily & cleanly from all library surfacers with a plastic peeler (PLS-1). You may order by the box or case (8 boxes). Price is per roll.
Quantity   1 - 7     8 - 15     16 - 167     168+  
Price $8.00 $7.00 $4.19 $3.99
Price per roll.

XLPro265P-R.jpg XLPro265P-R Big & Bold # Labeler(s)with decimal.
This labeler has a decimal in middle position for 2516T labels for promotional marking & markdowns. Four jumbo bold #s, a '$', & a decimal represent a price such as: $99.99 for BIG BOLD promotional pricing. If you give up the "$" you may price up to "999.99". Please study the 3 models of XLPro265P to learn which labeler is best for you.

XLPro265P-H Big Bold # Labeler(s)with optional dash
You may use this labeler with any plain 2516 label or pre-printed 2516T (top print) for easier viewing. Four jumbo bold numbers & a dash band represent the date "18-05" for the 18th. day of month "05" or May. (or 12-23 for Dec 23rd.) There is no provision for year on this band setup. If you want to represent the year please consider the XLPro265P-M. This labeler is designed for industrial use for highly perishable goods, batch #s, store #s, or bin #s, of 5 digits or less.

XLPro265P-M.jpg XLPro265P-M Big Bold # labeler
You will enjoy this big bold print labeler with a 'Month' band for 2516T labels for the visually challenged. Four jumbo bold numbers & a month band represent the date 05m04 for the 5th. day of month ""m"" of 2004. The 'm' is a month band "JAN"..."DEC"

XLPro265P-0.jpg Applicator for all 2516 size labels. each
This applicator will apply & affix 2516 size (1" x 5/8") labels. Great for high volume labeling of pre-printed labels that do not have any variables to be added. It does not have any print bands, ink roller or inker arm assembly. Mechanize your long tedious hand labeling procedures. Load a roll of 1000 of the 2516 labels in this tool & challenge a co-worker to a race against his/her old method of processing items.

GX2516FRBk-Spcl.jpg SPECIAL label roll(s) FRBk 1" x 5/8" for XLPro265P promo labeler
SPECIAL (top print)label roll(s) 1" wide by 5/8 tall" for markdown or promotional pricing with your XLPro265P promo labeler with jumbo bold numbers. In stock for immediate shipment.
Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10 - 20     21+  
Price $6.95 $5.95 $4.95 $3.79

P2516TFOBk-4Use.jpg FOR USE BY label roll(s)use in XLPro265P with jumbo bold numbers.
Rolls of 1000 labels 1" wide by 5/8" tall. Good for freshness dating in fridge or pantry. Use in XLPro265P labelers or Contact 25-5.
Quantity   1 - 5     6 - 20     21 - 167     168+  
Price $7.95 $6.95 $3.39 $2.85

Used2516YR.jpg USED BOOK labels ylw/red (1"x5/8") use in: TXM25-5P BOLD LARGE Print 5 band Tool
Yellow/red label with removable adhesive for price marking used books, etc. for sale. These labels are designed to work in the TXM25-5P BOLD LARGE print markdown labeler. 1000/roll. These labels are not in stock, yet. There is a minimum order of 6 rolls, until it becomes a stock item. Please allow 30-45 days for arrival of the initial order, then it will be ordered & stocked.
Quantity   6 - 7     8 - 23     24 - 47     48+  
Price $12.95 $10.95 $9.95 $8.95
Ink roller included with each sleeve of 8 rolls.

Promotional labeler with five jumbo bold numbers.
Imprint numbers for short SKUs dates Price etc. Other models have decimal point or Month band in middle position.

The TXM25-5SP has 5 large number bands that imprint on a 1" x 5/8" label (2516 size). You may use any of the several colors of labels offered. Changing colors might mean something to your business, perhaps a different color for each month, or year of arrival. to assuue proper rotation.
IR-XLP.jpg TXM & XLPro Ink Roller (Inker) for all TXM & XLPro 1 & 2 line labelers.
<--> Click on image to see more.

The XLPro265-H has five bands of numbers 0-9 & a middle band with a dash or hyphen, hence the H suffix. This is preferred by industrial users for stock numbers, etc. In logistics, they are used to mark store numbers on various color labels on boxes & large items in trucks bound for multiple locations.
The XLPro265-R is prefered by retailers for big bold pricing of sale items, markdowns, etc. Imprint includes a middle band with both a number & decimal which allows pricing up to: $99.99 (or 999.99, if you forego the $) on bright labels.