Orange U-Glad label, sticker, & residue remover, Concentrated non-aerosol solvent .

It is offered on a limited basis in our beta test. This solvent is sold in large drums to government & industrial customers. It has never been offered in small quantities that would be safe & easy for library staff to use. An MSDS sheet will be posted shortly. Please respect the data on the sheet & follow all guidelines in its use. We must order enough for a run. So. If you still need the product, please email us with a projection of how many 8 oz. bottles you would want this year. If you have a product that works satisfactorily for you, please email all the details name, pack, price, what you like most about it, & what you dislike most about it. When we determine the market potential, we will order everything we need & then we should be shipping this within 30 days. All USA Public libraries & Public Schools have an open account with us. Order on our eshop & we will invoice you when you order is shipped. Individuals must pay in advance & add 50% to the S&H (to cover residential delivery) with a company check or personal check on a USA bank. Individuals must recognize that all sales are final. Now we won't have that problem of leakage. We are instaling a patented stopper that holds the solvent away from the cap throughout shipping. May I suggest that you remove the stopper gently & save it, for periods of little use or to send someone a little to try? Once you have mastered the removal, you may elect to replace it after each use to child-proof it, or reduce evaporation. A web-surfer found this plea on my eshop & directed me to the new product: "If you know another outstanding economical & enviornmentally friendly non-aerosol remover with non-drip squirt cap, please e-mail the name of the product to me". Please try the Orange U Glad solvent
The Blaster EZ Take Away label remover that you knew & loved is history!
Please Click on image or name for details. If your library is not satisfied, Please place an order for any two rolls of 1/2" x 7/8" or 1/2" x 1" library processing labels from our eshop. Please input in the text box just above the input boxes on the "Bill To:" data page. State why you did not like it, & that you want these rolls of labels & the S&H at no charge to repay you for trying the bottle of solvent you bought. This offer is only available to libraries & school libraries. Individuals must unterstsnd that all sales are final "Caveat Emptor". Thanks for participating in our roll-out.
Orange U-Glad label, sticker, & residue remover, Concentrated non-aerosol solvent .