7055 Bond Paper Rolls 3"x165'

Product fits the following machines:
AM Documentor 4700, Medallion,
Arcomatic 100, 110T Printer,
AutoGas Island Master,
Bennett 710, V, VII,
Brandt 959,
Citizen Business Machines (CBM) CBM710, CBM720, CBM750, CD-S500, IDP3410, IDP3420, IDP3421, IDP3423, IDP3530, IDP3530F, IDP3535, IDP3540, IDP3540F, IDP3541, IDP3541F, IDP3545, IDP3546, IDP460,
Datatrol 640, 780,
DH Print 1400,
Digital Equipment DECbank WB21(Standard Receipt),
EMCO/Wheaton EECO 1000,
Epson 260, M119, M260, M265, MU310, MU310S, MU311, MU311S, MU312S, RP265 Series, RP267, TM-J8000, TM210A, TM210S, TM215S, TM267, TM267II, TM270, TM300 Series, TM801, TMU200, TMU220, TMU230, TMU300 Series, TMU325, TMU375,
Esper and CRS 635 Remote Printer, 735, 855 Kitchen Printer,
FAS FAX (Gaec Restaurant Systems) Mark IV,
Gascard 780,
Hypercom P740, P8, T77F, T77F (Impact Printer),
IBM 4651, 4655, 4659,
ICL 9518/200,
Ithaca Peripherals BANKjet 1500, POSjet 1000, POSjet 1500, Series 151, Series 152, Series 153, Series 154,
Kingtron KP1 for SP 4000 Series,
Micro-Z Micro-Z,
Micros 1700, 2000, 2400, 2700 Receipt & Journal, 4000, Remote Kitchen Printer (Autocu,
National Semiconductor Rec. for Olivetti Printer,
NCR 7445-1000,
Norand NP105,
Olivetti PR4 SR, PRJ200,
Omron CAT050 Printer, RP25, RP55 Remote Printer, RS25
Kitchen Printer, RS4010C, RS8000C, RS8010C, RS8020C, RS8030C, RS8040C Consolidator,
Panasonic 2700, 660RM, JS650 Remote Printer, JS6500 Wide Printer, JS7000, JS7500, JS8000, JS800RM, P100WP,
Pertech 5300 Series,
Remanco/Geac Restaurant Syst TM257, Vision System Printer,
Samsung ERP200, SRP-100, SRP270, SRP275, SRP500,
Sharp ZL6100,
Squirrel Squirrel POS Systems use a var,
Star Micronics MP200 series, MP300 Series (user adjustable, SP200 series, SP2000, SP300 Series (user adjustable, SP320 (user adjustable 3-3.25, SP349 (user adjustable 3-3.25, UP389,
Sweda EJP400, ERC4450, Kitchen Printer 3428, Ser. L50
Teknika SP7500 Kitchen Printer,
Tokheim 176, 179P, Mems II,
TPG A714,
Triton 9500 (Detail), 9515 (Detail),
VeriFone Omni 480, Printer 220, Printer 250, Printer 900,
Westrex S100, S7000,
7055 Bond Paper Rolls 3"x165'
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Price $69.95 $59.95 $49.95 $32.50 $29.50
All receipt paper cases combine for price breaks. Freight is included in above price in 48 contiguous states