Hand-held Labelers & labels

Please select the size label & labeler from the array on the left. The hand-held labelers will be on the same page as the labels designed for them, when available. Brand names, model numbers, etc. are trade-marked by the manufacturers of these products who own all rights to those brand names, model numbers, matks, etc. Affordable Alternatives, Inc. (AffordableAlternativesInc.Com) is mot associated nor affilliated with any of these manufacturers.
PB3-312Sz1inAdj.jpg Sato PB312 Labelers are not sold in the USA.
This labeler is not sold in the USA. Please email a message with a description of what your needs are & we will try to help you.

PB3-312Sz1inAdj.jpg Sato PB312 Labeler (USED)
Sato PB312-U
<--> Click to enlarge. This labeler is used to imprint the Sato-PB312 labels. This labeler imprints, dispenses, & affixes labels, on demand, to the products. These are set to label date due panel of items to be circulated. This label is not sold in the USA, neither are the labels.

They come with one set of 8 jumbo characters, two of which are month bands & the remaining characters are numbers. You may obtain other heads customized to your specs or from stock through your sato distributor (except in USA). They are easily installed at your site. Verify that your sato Distributor will provide the supplies for this labeler.

Repair single line labelers, XLPro & TXM brands..
XLP25DAR-cutBig.jpg TXM25-5-5 bog & bold # labeler.
This labeler is designed to imprint bold numbers up to "99999" on the P2516-labels. This makes it easier to read, and pisk. You may use any of several colors form our stock to aid in rotation and quality control endeavors. Five year warranty.