Patron ID Application card 500/bundle or 1000/box

Please examine ths all new Patron ID Card Application card. You will find that it meets your needs as a device to secure the data required by your automated circulation system. It also lifts the burden fro the back of the actual patron card, since many libraries are opting for the keytag cards which have no signature panel & some libraries are eliminating the sig panel from the card size too.

<--> Please click your mouse on the image to see a completed sample of this card, front & back. It also provides you more places to check should your patron & your library assets vanish. The card is 3" by 5" white & blue double sided print. After completing the data entry to your software, file the card for future reference in a secure place, for the data on it is confidential. There are 500 cards per pack.
Patron ID Application card 500/bundle or 1000/box
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Prices are per box of 500 D S 3x5" white & blue cards.